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About Us

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Our Heritage

The founding Director of Quantex Qatar have had diverse and varied careers with solid grounding gained during the years of working for Davis Langdon. Neil has worked with many of the world’s leading developers and designers, on world class projects which has set the defining template for the creation of Quantex Qatar.

Through our commitment to client care, quality of service and a genuine passion for our projects, Quantex Qatar has an international mind-set whilst being uniquely local through the commitment of the Directors to the betterment and enhancement of the delivery of construction projects in Qatar.

We are a locally registered company who prides itself on the commitment to the State of Qatar and the Qatar National Vision 2030. With our local sponsor, we are independent in a world of ‘’multinational corporations’’, and it is our commitment to our clients to provide a first class cost management service which we believe can set us apart from our competitors.

Our Vision

To provide a reliable, innovative and collaborative Quantity Surveying, Cost and Project Management services that meet our client’s expectations in order to deliver successful construction projects in the State of Qatar.

Grade A Quantity Surveying & Cost Consultancy

Quantex Qatar is registered as a Grade A Quantity Surveying and Cost Consultancy Business with the Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning’s Professional Engineers Committee.

Quantity Surveying

The analytical analysis and benchmark comparisons of building costs from feasibility estimates through to the settlement of Final Accounts on completed projects, to provide a dependable Quantity Surveying service which understands the design and engineering forms and functions to accurately predict the out-turn cost with certainty and conviction..

Feasibility Estimates

The analysis of site constraints, natural environment, urban planning constraints, cost parameters, program considerations and other essential factors prior to the commencement of any project. This allows developers to understand the potential out turn costs of the proposed development at an early concept stage in order to test viability

Cost Plans

The detailed, measured, analysis of the components of the building, fully priced to illustrate the cost of a building in sufficient detail to assist with the interrogation of the costs of elements of the design to ensure target budgets are maintained. As the design develops, the level of detail increases and so the level of refinement in pricing improves and enhances in order to meet out turn cost certainty.

Bills of Quantities

A comprehensive document containing a detailed measurement of every element and component of the building, laid out in an industry accepted structured format that adheres to the prescribed Standard Method of Measurement. The document ensures consistency of pricing by tenderers, permits a detailed analysis of the prices received, and delivers a comprehensive schedule of the rates and prices for the project for use during the construction stage of the project for interim valuations and variations.

Option Cost Appraisals

The process by which alternative proposals for the development are analysed from a financial perspective in order to facilitate informed decision making on different building materials, systems and techniques, with the operating cost considerations being compared to capital cost expenditure.

Cash Flow Forecasts

The analysis of the rate of expenditure of the cost of a development which assists with forecasting the monthly draw-down required to fund the project for clients and third party funders.

Tender Documents

A structured set of documents which lay out the project requirements in a systematic and consistent manner for the purposes of receiving compliant and comprehensive tender submissions from tenderers.

Tender Process Management

The management of the flow of information and documents to the tenderers to maintain consistency and fairness of the treatment throughout the tendering period. This, ensures that all of the tenders received are based on the same information thus permitting a fair and robust comparison of all the tenders received.

Tender Analysis

The detailed analysis of the tenders received to compare rates and prices, to ensure compliance with the tender documents and to enable a direct comparison on a ‘like for like’ basis to permit a true and accurate comparison of the prices for carrying out the works. This will highlight any ambiguities or inconsistencies such as ‘’front loading’’ and rate distortions of items which may be subject to variations.

Contract Documentation

Formal sets of legal documents signed by the Client and the Contractor detailing the scope, the quality, the program, the contract conditions, and the contract sum to be paid to the Contractor for the works. The Form of Contract details the obligations of each party during the construction period in respect of procedures, responsibilities, rules and regulations and any other matters related to the execution of the works.
A detailed, thorough, well-constructed set of Contract Documents is essential to ensure that both parties are fully aware of the other party’s obligations and are adequately protected should problems arise during the construction period or during the period after completion.

Interim Valuations

The regular (typically monthly) assessment of the progress of the construction works compared to program with an assessment of materials stored on site including the costs of any approved variations resulting in a recommendation for a payment for the Contractor from the Employer in accordance with the Conditions of Contract. The amount certified is tracked against the cash flow forecast as a guide to establish progress against program.

Monthly Cost Reports

The regular detailed assessment of the cost of the project to date, summary of any variations instructed or anticipated, adjustment of Provisional Sums and assessment of the likelihood of any potential Contractual Claims and summaries of payments made to date and updated cash flow forecasts. The cost report is a vital tool for anticipating the estimated final cost of the construction works so that the Client is fully informed of the anticipated out-turn costs of the project at all times.

Settlement of Final Accounts

The final negotiation of the Contractor’s account, agreement of all variations and claims; making due recommendation to the Client and drafting all documentation to close the contract.

Change Control Management

The procedure for the approval of any changes to the project from either the Client, Design Team or Contractor, so that the time, cost and quality implications of any change can be thoroughly reviewed and estimated so that the Client can make informed and educated about the impact of the change to the completion of the project.

Whole-Life Cost Analysis

The whole-life costs of a building is a process whereby the design is analysed to compare the costs of construction of various elements of the design with the associated operating, maintenance or replacement costs over the life of the building through to eventual demolition and disposal. Significant financial, operational and environmental benefits can be identified using a whole- life approach to the design and operation of the building, so that the Client can make informed decisions as to the capital-versus-operating expenditure benefits over the life of the asset.

Cost Modeling

High level, early stage, elemental analysis of the estimated construction cost of a building which is based on cost data benchmarked from other similar completed buildings which provides the Client and the Design Team a platform for understanding the ‘’cost drivers’’ of the project.

Cost Data Benchmarking

The comprehensive and detailed analysis of final construction costs of similar completed buildings to allow comparison of elements of the actual costs to serve as a guide of the design of the new project. The key to benchmarking is consistency and setting the parameters to ensure consistency in approach that every element of each building is analysed in exactly the same way. This enables the Client and the Design Team to be able to make informed and educated decisions as to the design and cost of a building when compared to other similar completed projects.

Value Engineering

Facilitated Value Engineering Workshops

Value Engineering (VE) is not a design or peer review or a simply cost- cutting exercise. VE is a creative, organized effort, which analyses the requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total costs (capital, staffing, energy, maintenance) over the life of the project. Through a team collaboration and, various elements are reviewed in details to ensure ‘’value for money’’ and that it meets the project brief. This is carried out through the study of alternate design concepts, materials, and methods without compromising the functional and value objectives of the client. If a fully facilitated Workshop is required, then this is hosted by a qualified and experienced Facilitator whose purpose is to encourage collaboration and draw out as many options for consideration. These options are then costed for Client and Design Team review for implementation of rejection. Ongoing value engineering should be carried out through all stages of the design to ensure that the budget expectations are met.

Risk Management

Facilitated Risk Management Workshops

Management Risk Management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks (defined in ISO 31000 as the effect of uncertainty on objectives, whether positive or negative) followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and likely impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities.
The fully facilitated Workshop is run by a qualified and experienced Facilitator whose purpose is to ensure that project risk is collectively addressed within the team, ownership is allocated to the person best equipped to manage an individual risk and that mitigation actions are

Fund / Loan Monitoring

Fund / Loan Monitoring

An investigation into the financial and commercial activities of an existing construction project in connection with a proposed loan acquisition on behalf of a funding institution. The due diligence process includes the gathering, analysis and interpretation of financial, commercial, legal and marketing information and issuing strategic advice to the Client.

Monthly Draw-Down Reports

One a loan is in place it is important to ensure that the vested interests of the funding institution is looked after by providing monthly reports on the progress of the development, and the commensurate value of works executed to ensure that the draw-down against the loan facility reflects the value of works identified as complete on the site

Fire Insurance Valuations

Fire Insurance Valuations

Accurate concise assessments of the current day re-build costs of buildings including demolition, new build to current standards and associated professional fees to ensure that the client properly insures his assets.

Claims Assessment

Claims Assessment

The methodical analysis of entitlement to additional money and / or time resulting from alleged delays, ensuring that Cause and Effect are robustly and accurately accounted for and illustrated within the context of the prevailing Conditions of Contract and local Laws.

Project Management

The skill of leading, planning, organising, managing, and delivering projects to meet time, cost and quality aspirations whilst engaging and administering stakeholders to achieve the project goal.


The initiating process sets out the nature and scope of the project and the early stages are critical for the project to be successful. Project controls are put in place so that an understanding of the business objectives of the Client are communicated to the Design Team and a culture of success is fostered. At this early stage, we would implement a protocol which encompasses measurable goals such as the establishment of appropriate budgets and time frames, stakeholder and end user needs analysis, as well as the management of the teams and individuals to deliver the project.

Planning and design

The main purpose is to plan time, cost and manage resources to effectively manage risk during through design and onto project execution. The setting of specific targets will include the project timescales, costs, quality and operational efficiency whilst detailing how this will be achieved.


The execution stage consists of the procedures in order to complete the work defined in the project plan in order to accomplish the project's requirements. This involves coordinating all of the team members and external parties and keeping the Client aware of all issues associated with successful project delivery.

Monitoring and controlling

The key activities of monitoring and controlling consists of those processes performed to ensure timely and thorough project execution so that any potential issues are highlighted in order for decisions to be made by the Client and Design Team so that the project can still meet the prescribed standards as set out in the brief. The key benefit is that project performance is managed and clearly reported regularly to identify variances from the project management plan. Monitoring and controlling includes measuring the ongoing project activities ('where we are'), monitoring the project variables (cost, time, quality, health and safety, procurement, variations, third parties against the project management plan and then measured against the project performance baseline (‘where we should be’), Identifying corrective actions to address issues and risks properly (‘How can we get on track again’) and to ensure the project is ‘’kept on course’’.


Closing comprises the contractual completion and handing over of the project and the subsequent occupation by administrative activities include the archiving of files and documenting lessons learned; finalizing all activities to formally close the project, or an individual project phase, and ensure each contract is completed and handed over in accordance with the project brief.



Marina Mall, Lusail
Gulf Mall, Doha
HSBC Salwa Road Branch
Commercial Mall, Doha
Salam Retail Units
HSBC City Centre Branch


Waitrose, Tenterden – UK
Waitrose, Hollywood Road - UK
John Lewis, Kingston – UK
John Lewis, Cheadle – UK
The Meadows Phase 2, Chelmsford - UK
Tuen Mun Area 52 - Phase 3 Commercial Centre, Hong Kong

Commercial Offices


Al Kuds Tower
Downtown Doha (Phase 4)
Civil Defence New Headquarters
Aerospace City
Shemoukh Twin Towers
IBQ New Headquarters Tower


3 Bunhill Row – London
8 Salisbury Square – London
Chiswick Park – London
Milton Gate - London
K2 – London Plough Place, London



Palaces (various)
Downtown Doha – (Phase 4)


Sloane House – London
Brocklesby Manor – Hull
Markham Square – London
Sau Mau Ping Phase 5 – Hong Kong
Teville Gate, Worthing - UK
44 Grove End Road - London
Lichfield Road, Kew - London
Park Road, Richmond - London
Kidbrooke Vision - UK

Education & Sports


Doha College
Qatar Academies
Education City
ACS Doha (Fire Insurance)
American School Doha (Fire Insurance)
Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies


Canterbury College – UK
Discovery School Kings Hill – UK
National Centre for Young Persons with Epilepsy - UK
Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore



Proposed Langham Doha Hotel
Proposed MGM Grand Doha Hotel



Logistic City


John Lewis Bristol Warehousing - UK
Chilled Warehouse for Waitrose, Bracknell
Telecommunications Tower, Santiago

Health & Culture


Downtown Doha (Heritage Quarter)
Orientalist Museum


Gun Club Hill Military Hospital – Hong Kong
Maidstone NHS New Cellular Pathology Laboratory Wing - UK
British Museum Redevelopment - London
Southampton General Hospital



Al Wakra Masterplan
Al Khor Masterplan
Aerospace City Qatar Masterplan
Seef Lusail Masterplan


Kings Cross Central – UK
Reading Southside – UK
Crystal Palace Park – UK
Kidebrook Vision – UK
Cricklewood & Brent Cross - UK
Bath Western Riverside – UK
Silvertown Quays – UK
King Hussein Business Park - Jordan



Aerospace City Qatar Masterplan


M20 Junction 4, Maidstone – UK
A20 Junction 3, Maidstone – UK

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Quantex Qatar
7th Floor, Alaqaria Tower
PO Box 6701, Al Muthaf Street
Old Salata, Doha, Qatar

Telephone: +974 4012 0780
Fax: +974 4012 0790

Our departments

Customer Service:

Telephone: +1 000 000 00 00
Handphone: +1 000 000 00 00

Risk management dept:

Telephone: +1 000 000 00 00
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Network planning service:

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clients & Logos

clients & Logos

As Director of Davis Langdon, Neil have worked with some of the leading Developers, Clients and Lead Consultants:

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As Director of Davis Langdon, Neil have worked with some of the leading Developers,
Clients and Lead Consultants:

Qatari Diar
Lusail Real Estate Development Company
Qatar Petroleum
Qatar Foundation
Qatar Museums Authority
International Bank of Qatar
Commercial Bank
Mazaya Holdings
HSBC Middle East Limited
K&L Gates
Credit Suisse
Allen & Overy
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Private Engineering Office (PEO)
Urbacon International
Msheireb Properties
Aerospace Qatar
Real Estate Services Group (RESG)
Doha College
Al Meera
Diwan Architects
Qatari Engineer & Associates
Safdies Rabines
SMA Group
Buro Happold
John McAslan & Partners


As Director of Davis Langdon, Neil have worked with some of the leading Developers,
Clients and Lead Consultants:

Helical Bar
Thames Water
Berkeley Homes
St James Homes
Crest Nicholson
Hong Kong Government
Capital One Bank
Singapore Government
Allies & Morrison
Australian Post
Suffolk Wharf Holdings
Hamilton Associates
Renzo Piano
Scott Brownrigg
Hanson Capital Management
Foster + Partners
Sheppard Robson
Richard Rogers

About Us

Quantex Qatar is a locally registered firm of Quantity Surveyors and Construction Consultants serving both Clients and Lead Consultants providing Quantity Surveying, Project Management and construction advice in Qatar.

Quantex Qatar offers an innovative and collaborative client-focused service based on the philosophies, techniques and values that underpin British Quantity Surveying and Project Management services that are renowned the world over for their high standards , dedication and professionalism.

Quantex Qatar is led by a British Chartered Surveyor, Neil Hamilton. Neil has over 34 years of Quantity Surveying experience in Qatar, the UK, Asia and Australia and can bring a depth and breadth of knowledge to any construction project in Qatar.

In February 2013 Quantex Qatar successfully achieved Grade A Quantity Surveying and Cost Consultancy Registration with the Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning’s Professional Engineers Committee in Qatar.

Neil Hamilton

Neil has over 34 years Quantity Surveying experience including both Contracting and Consultancy with over 13 years with Davis Langdon. Neil transferred to Qatar in early 2009 and quickly established himself as account manager for Qatari Diar, Commercial Bank and the Lusail Real Estate Company. Neil’s project experience covers a wide spectrum of development genres including Commercial Offices, Warehousing, Museums, Hotels, Cultural Buildings and Master-Planning. In addition, Neil works on behalf of funding institutions to ensure that their financial exposure is commensurate with the development’s rate of progress. Neil is enthusiastic and committed to his projects and strives to ensure that his clients’ objectives are achieved, if not exceeded, and expectations met.

The Team

Quantex Qatar offers a team of qualified, well trained and experienced Quantity Surveyors who are committed to delivering a value driven service for our clients. Our technical team are predominantly qualified to BSc (QS) degree level and in most cases the senior staff are also Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). This allows us to offer the very highest calibre of staff to our client’s projects who will actively contribute at every stage of a project in order to add value and deliver timely and accurate cost / commercial advice in a clear and concise manner to assist the client and design team in making the right decisions.

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